eBay Managed Payments

eBay managed payments allow you to have a single source for all of your fees, refunds, customised reports, simplified protections and dedicated support.  To prepare your eBay business for Managed Payments you will need to ensure you have ticked everything on the checklist provided by eBay. Please contact us for more information on eBay Managed […]

Group Courses Update

We are offering group courses which are designed for those who wish to set up a business on eBay or have recently set up a business on eBay. To view course content of our 3 day group course please click here. Attendance will be limited to a maximum of 4 people per course for the full […]

eBay Education Specialist

Michael Hughes, our CEO and Founder, was the first eBay trained and accredited Education Specialist on the Island of Ireland. He was also the first 5 star instructor (the highest ranking possible) in the UK or Ireland and has been an eBay “Instructor of the Week worldwide”. He has helped many Irish businesses develop substantial […]

The Team’s Credentials

Michael heads up a small specialist team of well qualified, highly experienced eBay sellers and trainers. Each member of the team has his/her own eBay business, independent of MHC, and each one has played a significant role in helping MHC sell over 60,000 items on eBay without incurring a single piece of negative feedback with over […]