Group Courses Update

We are offering group courses which are designed for those who wish to set up a business on eBay or have recently set up a business on eBay. To view course content of our 3 day group course please click here. Attendance will be limited to a maximum of 4 people per course for the full […]

eBay Education Specialist

Michael Hughes, our CEO and Founder, was the first eBay trained and accredited Education Specialist on the Island of Ireland. He was also the first 5 star instructor (the highest ranking possible) in the UK or Ireland and has been an eBay “Instructor of the Week worldwide”. He has helped many Irish businesses develop substantial […]

The Team’s Credentials

Michael heads up a small specialist team of well qualified, highly experienced eBay sellers and trainers. Each member of the team has his/her own eBay business, independent of MHC, and each one has played a significant role in helping MHC sell over 60,000 items on eBay without incurring a single piece of negative feedback with over […]